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Saturday, 06 August 2016 18:17

If “The Time Warp” is among your dance favorites and science fiction/horror films are your top movie choices (at the B-level, of course), then The Barn Theatre has the answer to your entertainment fantasy.

Rocky Horror Show The Barn Theatre Augusta MIThe Augusta, MI playhouse opened its 11th (right, eleventh!) production of “The Rocky Horror Show” Tuesday evening and, while the number of costumed audience members seemed down — it was a week night, after all — those who followed their Transylvanian urge deserved the stares they received from those in “regular” garb.

Director Brendan Ragotzy repeated the “no props” request which thankfully was respected., although one theater-goer was seen entering with a role of toilet paper and a loaf of bread in a large purse. (For those familiar with “Rocky Horror,” no explanation is necessary. For those not, well, it would take too long.)

Enough to say that, since its beginning in the 1970s as the creation of out-of-work British actor Richard O’Brien, the campy mash-up has taken on a life of its own. From its start in a small experimental theater space in London to a full-scale production (and a revival) on Broadway, to national and international tours, to a now-cult film and upcoming “live” TV production, “The Rocky Horror Show” just keeps coming!

The latest Barn Theatre production, according to Ragotzy, is in answer to the repeated requests from audience members for its return. Here I have to say that I was not among them, having seen this show in many forms from summer stage to Broadway to film, but, as my grandmother used to say, that’s what makes horse racing.

Rocky Horror Show The Barn Theatre Augusta MIEnough to report that those in attendance were definitely “Rocky Horror” fans. This was obvious by their vocal participation (and kudos to the actors for staying in character and never missing a best as lines were shouted from the audience). As my fellow attendee noted: “This is theater for people who don’t know theater.”

Whatever the on-lookers’ mind-set, it was obvious that those telling the tale of honeymooning Brad (Cody Stiglich) and Janet (Sarah Lazar) were enjoying it fully.

Those roles are played by actors costumed primarily in their underwear, for this is their garb-of-force when taking refuge from a storm in the castle of Dr. Frank N. Furter (Jay Poff) and his minions Riff-Raff (Eric Parker), Magenta (Penelope Alex) and Columbia (Kasady Kwiatkowska), and a large group of others, all scantily clothed in sparkling outfits.

Rocky Horror Show  The Barn Theatre Augusta MNIDr. Frank, who introduces himself as a “Sweet Transvestite from Transylvania,” has just completed creating Rocky (Jamey Gresham), a Charles Atlas-wannabe, strong on muscle and short on brains. He insists Janet and Brad stay the night and that’s when the “fun” (make that sex) begins.

Out of the freezer pops Eddie (Patrick Hunter), a biker in love with Columbia from whom Dr. Frank extracted Rocky’s brain. His appearance is short-lived. When wheel, eventually,chair-bound scientist Dr. Everett Scott (Charlie King), arrives looking for his nephew Eddie, the truth is revealed and eventually everyone goes home to their respective planets.

A minor electronic glitch opening night got the show off to a slightly “rocky” restart (pun intended), but it was smooth sailing from then on.

Since the last “Rocky Horror” incarnation at The Barn (2012), Riff-Raff’s hair has gotten longer and whiter, the mellow-toned Narrator (John Jay Espino) more closely resembles a character from Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland,” leggy Poff is more at home in the doctor’s fishnets than the last Frank N. Furter, and the glitter-and-glitz ratio has been ramped up at least 75 per cent.

Aside from that, the camp classic hit home with its long-time fans and undoubtedly made many more. signaling no doubt that the theater will go for an even (or uneven) dozen.

‘THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW” plays through Aug. 14 in the theater on M-96 between Galesburg and Augusta, MI. For show times and reservations, call (269) 731-4121 or visit www.barntheatreschool.org

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